Form an ITWC Committee

This organization has been set up by women, for women to:

  1. Unite women members for the purpose of addressing their concerns and issues in the workplace.
  2. Promote women's involvement and recognition within their Locals and all levels of the Teamsters.
  3. Foster better relationships and communication between members.
  4. Help with organizing efforts and other activities, which further the interests of the Union.
  5. Strengthen and build solidarity within the Union.?

All of us have busy lives but we also have a common bond. We're TEAMSTERS, we're committed and we care! United Teamster Women can make a difference! We need your help to network in your area and to reach out to other Teamster Women.

Help us keep the ball rolling across the United States and Canada. Below is a brief list of the requirements for an active ITWC Women's Committee.

Start an ITWC membership drive in your area to unite Teamster Women, and find out how many Teamster Women members you have in your area. Starting a membership drive can be as simple as taking membership applications to your break room at work. Or it can be as involved as meeting with your Local Union Principal officer to request the Local's assistance with a mailing for a Local Union wide membership drive.

Provide the ITWC membership in your area with educational materials to promote leadership skills. The IBT Department of Training & Development, 25 Louisiana Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20001 and the ITWC, PO Box 338, 117 East Louisa Street, Seattle WA 98102, have educational materials available. A written request is needed.

At least once a year, sponsor a low cost workshop where Teamster Women can meet to share ideas, problems, concerns and solutions we all have in common. Continue reading for instructions on setting up a one-day workshop. If further information or advice on arranging a workshop is needed, don't hesitate to call your ITWC Executive Board representative.

Work hand in hand with the ITWC Executive Board and your Area Representative from the Executive Board to have a regional meeting in your area.


The Program

Whatever program you select, remember to involve women and men at the local level and give those in attendance time for an open forum. But remember, as the Chair, not to let anyone monopolize the meeting. If it is helpful, announce up front that each speaker during the open forum will have a certain time limit, appoint a timekeeper and be firm in maintaining the limit. Program Ideas:

  • Equal Pay
  • OSHA
  • Health & Welfare
  • Pension
  • Super Woman Mentality
  • Current Legislative Issues
  • Family / Work
  • Networking/Mentoring
  • Union Building
  • Women in Politics
  • Financial Issues
  • Social Health Issues
  • Community Service
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Harassment
  • AIDS
  • Vocational Training
  • Advancement through the Union


Discussion Points:

  • What can the Union do for women?
  • What do women want out of their Union?
  • What do women want from their Women's Caucus?
  • What does a Union mean to women?
  • What does a Union collective bargaining agreement mean to family & social issues?



  • International Teamster Women's Caucus, Rachel McKibbin, Secretary-Treasurer, 360/734-7780; e-mail:
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters
    Department of Training & Development - 202/624-8117
  • Human Rights Commission - 202/624-7471
  • Government Affairs - 202/624-6891
  • Department of Labor
  • OSHA
  • Academic Institutions
  • Private Industry Councils
  • State Agencies
  • Law Offices
  • Financial Planning Groups
  • Health & Welfare and Pension Administrator
  • United Way
  • Congressional Offices


Mechanics of Setting Up a One-Day Workshop

  • Timeline
  • Request Local Union leadership to approve meeting.
  • Line up speakers/Choose a date and time.
  • Find a meeting location and sponsor for the lunch. (If a sponsor can't be found, confirm the menu with a facility so that the cost can be added to your flyer and registration form.
  • Inform ITWC of dates, request area Board member to attend.
  • Arrange Meeting room set up:
    • Classroom, u-shaped or theatre style (This will depend on the type of meeting, size of the room, and number of people attending.)
    • Do you need a podium and/or microphone? (Most speakers prefer a podium.)
    • Do you need any audio or visual equipment for any of the speakers?
    • Do you need to display a banner or posters?
  • Arrange luncheon set up:
    • Will it be in the same room as the meeting, or will you break to another room?
    • Will the lunch be served banquet style, as a box lunch, or waited?
    • Create a flyer and registration form.
  • Do a mailing. Include your Local Union Executive Board Members, Local Union Principal Officers and Joint Council Officers in your area, special guests and politicians. ITWC has a membership database that can be sorted by State, Local Union or Joint Council. Call the ITWC for a computer disk.

One week before the meeting, call the speakers to remind them to be there at their time slot. Check meeting room arrangements. Make sure you and your area ITWC Executive Board member are at the location one hour early to greet the guests and members.



  • Banner/Sign
  • ITWC membership applications
  • Brochures, Bylaws
  • Attendance sign-in sheet with pens
  • Prepared handouts
  • Writing pads and pens for attendees
  • Scissors, tape (double-sided is helpful)


 Sample One-Day Workshop Schedule

  • Registration
  • Opening remarks - include ITWC Executive Board members
  • Welcome - Introduce yourself
  • Caucus and membership enrollment
  • What is area ITWC providing the membership?
  • Introduce sponsoring Local Union, Joint Council officials
  • First Guest Speaker Introduced
  • Guest Speaker (1/2 hour) and Q & A
  • Second Guest Speaker Introduced
  • Guest Speaker (1/2 hour) and Q & A
  • Lunch Break
  • Local Women's stories - various speakers
  • Guest (a)
  • Guest (b)
  • Open forum - Discuss what they would like to hear about next.
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Executive Board
  • Diane Helf, President
  • Rachel McKibbin, Sec-Tres
  • Mary Fox, 1st VP
  • Brigitte Sottile, 2nd VP
  • Margie Brignoni, Rec Sec
  • Betty Rose Fischer, Trustee
  • Vivian Garcia, Trustee
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